New Year Resolution Laughs

AnonyTopHatWell, it’s been a long hard year for me, but I made it and things can only get better. I wish everyone peace and happiness in the coming year, and I hope all of you attempting to set any New Year’s resolutions happily succeed, whether it’s:

To get organized,

2. Get Organized22. Get Organized.

Start an exercise program,

2. Exercise More Slinky On Treadmill gif

2. Exercise More.

Start a new diet,

2. Start A New Diet22. Start A New Diet.

Or to just eat healthier;

2. Eat Healthy Resolution

2. Eat Healthier Temptation.

Whether it’s to get more sleep,

2. Get More Sleep2. Get More Sleep Bunny gif.

Spend less and save more,

2. Spend Less Save More.

Or spend more time with family; 2. Spend More Time With Family.

Or perhaps to take up yoga,

2. Take Up Yoga2. Take Up Yoga2.

Break bad habits,

2. Breaking Bad Habits.

Help others,

2. Help Others.

Or to just look at life more positively,

2. Look At Life More Positively.

Just remember to laugh more in this new year!

2. Laugh More.

0   New Year Goals.

Between Friends New Year Resolutions.

New Year Resolution Dogs.

Aunty Acid New Year.

new-years-resolution out one year.

New Year Birds


Thanksgiving Laughs & Inspirations

LucyAdams99Menopause, and life in general, can be tough, and we sometimes forget the little things that make life worth living.  Although I continue to struggle with menopausal depression, I count my many blessings.   I hope for the best to everyone struggling in their lives. Have some laughs, be thankful, and have a blessed Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving Set Scales Back.

Woman - Thanksgiving - Maxine's Thanksgiving.

Woman - Thanksgiving Bingo.

Woman - Thanksgiving How Not To Cook Turkey.

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0      Menopause1.

0      Menopause2.

0      Menopause3.

0      Menopause5.

0      Menopause6.

0      Menopause7.

0      Menopause8.

0      Menopause10.

0      Menopause12

Menopause - Dog Lesson Move On

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Losing Who We Are

lucyadams99I feel so empty. So incomplete. It seems that menopause was when I started losing so many vital pieces of my identity. Looking in the mirror, I see a ghost of myself; I am not the woman I used to be.

1. menopause mirror

And I have to wonder, will I ever get back the most important facets that once made up me?

In a way, all the many parts of us is like a jigsaw puzzle, one that took decades to fully construct. Once we’ve completed it, we step back, take a long hard look, and are generally (hopefully) satisfied with what we’ve managed to accomplish.

Menopause Woman Jigsaw Puzzle

But then we collide with menopause, and for many of us, the pieces begin to disappear: the confident you, organized and level-headed, the happy and fun you, the witty and silly you, the sexy you – it all gets lost from the picture.  Menopause surreptitiously robs us of our vitality, enthusiasm, optimism, passions, and even our sense of humor.

Not only do we lose bone density, muscle mass and skin elasticity, but it seems as if we are losing our minds. We cry and we rage. We spiral down into depression. We question our sanity, and we question our lives.

Women & Menopause

Reaching this crossroad, having more life behind us than we have to look forward to, we can’t help but ask ourselves – where is our life going, will it go anywhere at all? Is it rational to fear what awaits us?

Menopause Missing Piece

More than anything, we just want our previous selves back – the ones we enjoyed being before menopause.

Menopause Woman Puzzle PieceAnd so I obsess: once menopause has passed with all its soul-sucking symptoms, will I get back the old me? All of me? All the best pieces?  That’s what haunts me the most – what if I don’t?

And IF I should eventually find any of those missing pieces, will they be chewed up, torn and faded – not quite whole?

It seems reasonable I guess, after all, we can’t really expect to come through such a life-altering event like menopause unscathed.

But we must piece our lives back together as best we can, otherwise the future seems unbearable. Perhaps, once we get back our optimism, we can become whole again, albeit a little tattered at the edges. We can only hope.

Menopause Woman Triumphant in Puzzle Piece 2